High School

Here is a list compiled in hopes to answer your questions for the 1:1 initiative starting in the 2018-2019 school year for high school.  Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating it over the summer months. 

+ 1:1 Initiative

1. What is a 1:1 Program?
One device per student. In a true 1:1 program, the student will have access to their Chromebook 24X7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. What is the purpose of a 1:1 initiative?
To equip and inspire students and teachers, enhancing learning through modern technology tools.

3. Who gets a Chromebook?
At Longmont Christian, at the start of the 2018-2019 school year, all high school students will be required to have a Chromebook.

4. How is the Chromebook chosen?
After careful review by staff members and teachers, the HP 11G 360 has been chosen as the best Chromebook to fit LCS's needs.

5. How is the cost of the Chromebook covered?
A one-time parent fee at the time the Chromebook is purchased.

6. Who Owns the Chromebook?
Chromebooks are owned by parents but managed by Longmont Christian School.

7. Why were parent-owned, school-managed Chromebooks chosen?
The staff at LCS believe the school-managed Chromebook will facilitate uniform learning and enable student access to programs in a secure environment. We also chose parent-owned devices so students would be able to take their device with them after they leave the school.

8. When will the Chromebooks be distributed to the students?
Chromebooks will be distributed to students the first week of school. 11th and 12th will go through the Chromebook Boot Camp on Thursday, August 16th and 9th and 10th will be Friday, August 17th.

+ Chromebook Applications

1. Do Chromebooks run on Android apps?
Yes. LCS will be using a combination of Chromebook apps and Android apps for educational purposes.

2. How are these web-based apps managed?
Google G Suite Admin console allows LCS to create an internal app marketplace where we will publish only the apps that students will need for their classes. This level of control pertains to both Chromebook apps and Android apps.

3. What if I don't want my child to have access to other apps like games and Facebook?
Non-education apps will be blocked while the computer is at school. See Chromebooks at Home section below for off-school-hours parent controls.

4. What kind of software does Chromebooks run?
Chromebooks are capable of running thousands of web-based applications that open instantly in a browser. No download/start-up time required. Our Chromebooks will also be able to run Android applications.

+ Chromebook Questions

1. Are students allowed to personalize their Chromebooks?
The student's decision to personalize their Chromebook is up to you (the parent). LCS asks that any personalization made to the Chromebook be appropriate for school.

2. Can documents be printed from Chromebooks?
The Chromebooks will be set up to printers students can use while inside the school. We continue to urge teachers and students to submit work digitally to save resources.

3. Can I purchase a different Chromebook or a Windows/MacBook/Ipad instead?
After much research, Longmont Christian staff determined it was best to use a uniform Chromebook model. This way it eliminates variations in students' access to technology.

4. How long will the Chromebook run on a fully charged battery?
10+ hours. We require students bring their Chromebook fully charged to school every day.

5. Is there antivirus software included with the Chromebook?
No. A Chromebook is already a secure computer out of the box.

6. What are the Chromebook's specifications?
HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE with touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage

7. What if my child already has a Chromebook?
After much research, Longmont Christian staff determined it was best to use a uniform Chromebook model. This way it eliminates variations in students' access to technology.

8. What is a Chromebook?
A laptop that is solely internet-based. No operating system, no downloaded software, no boot up time. This means that students upload and store everything to a cloud-based system. Wherever they have access to the internet, they have access to their work.

9. Why did you choose this model?
The school leadership and staff-based research team chose this model for it's durability, touch screen, memory, and processing power. It was the most efficient, cost-effective model for LCS's needs.

+ Chromebooks at Home

1. Are students allowed to use Chromebooks at home?
Yes. The Chromebook is parent owned, and will be accessible to the student 24/7/365.

2. As a parent, how can I best support my child with their device?
LCS strongly recommends reviewing the information provided on Common Sense Media website.

3. Can I prevent my child from accessing the internet after certain hours?
Set ground rules for your child, and outline the care and usage of your child's device. Have ongoing discussions with your child about appropriate online use, and when possible align your student's computer in a way the screen is visible while they are doing their work.

4. Can the Chromebook be used anywhere, at any time?
Yes, although some apps are wifi dependent.

5. Do the Chromebooks have cellular network capability?

6. Will students and parents receive Chromebook training?
Yes. Parents will receive training during parent night on Aug 14th. Students will receive training during the first 2 half days of school.

7. Will students need internet access at home?
While internet access is necessary for any apps your student has access to, G Suite and Google Classroom content will run offline and automatically sync to the cloud once the student returns to school or connects to any other internet source.

+ Chromebook Policies & Procedures

The handbook on policies and procedures will be coming soon. This will cover questions such as warranty information, care, and school policies of your student's chromebook.