+ 1:1 Initiative

1. What is a 1:1 Program?
One device per student. In a true 1:1 program, the student will have access to their Chromebook 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. What is the purpose of a 1:1 initiative?
To equip and inspire students and teachers, enhancing learning through modern technology tools.

3. Who gets a Chromebook?
At Longmont Christian, at the start of the 2018-2019 school year, all high school students will be required to have a Chromebook.

4. How is the Chromebook chosen?
After careful review by staff members and teachers, the HP 11G 360 has been chosen as the best Chromebook to fit LCS's needs.

5. How is the cost of the Chromebook covered?
A one-time parent fee at the time the Chromebook is purchased.

6. Who Owns the Chromebook?
Chromebooks are owned by parents but managed by Longmont Christian School.

7. Why were parent-owned, school-managed Chromebooks chosen?
The staff at LCS believe the school-managed Chromebook will facilitate uniform learning and enable student access to programs in a secure environment. We also chose parent-owned devices so students would be able to take their device with them after they leave the school.DAVE

+ Chromebook Applications

1. Do Chromebooks run on Android apps?
Yes. LCS will be using a combination of Chromebook apps and Android apps for educational purposes.

2. How are these web-based apps managed?
The $25 management fee allows LCS to manage what Chromebook and Android apps are available to students through our own internal app store.

3. What if I don't want my child to have access to other apps like games and Facebook?
Facebook and any unauthorized apps will be blocked and unavailable on the student's Chromebooks both at school and at home.

4. What is the G Suite for Education?
The G suite has many features, including an email, calendar, word processor, powerpoint software, and more. Students have access to quizzes, tests, assignments, and other tools through the G suite, and LCS creates and maintains these accounts.

5. What is Google Drive, and why does my student need it?
Google Drive is a virtual hard drive, and everything a student would need for school can be stored on this drive. This eliminates the need for thumb drives, memory cards, and most papers. Each student receives unlimited data storage free of charge.

6. What kind of software does Chromebooks run?
Chromebooks are capable of running thousands of web-based applications that open instantly in a browser. No download/start-up time required.

+ Chromebook Maintenance

1. How do I care for my Chromebook?
Text goes here.

2. Is there an extended warranty or maintenance agreement available?
Text goes here.

3. What happens if my child needs a Chromebook repair/replacement?
Text goes here.

4. What do I do if my Chromebook gets stolen?
Text goes here.

5. Where do I go for Chromebook maintenance?
Text goes here.

6. Who is responsible for the Chromebook?
The student is responsible for their Chromebook both inside and outside of school.

+ Chromebook Questions

1. Are students allowed to personalize their Chromebooks?
The student's decision to personalize their Chromebook is up to you (the parent). LCS asks that any personalization made to the Chromebook be appropriate for school according to our guidelines.

2. Can documents be printed from Chromebooks?
The Chromebooks will be set up to printers students can use while inside the school.

3. Can I purchase a different Chromebook?
After much research, Longmont Christian staff determined it was best to use a uniform Chromebook model. This way it elimiates variations in students' access to technology.

4. Can I purchase a Windows/MacBook/Ipad instead?
No. Please refer to question #3 above.

5. How long will the Chromebook run on a fully charged battery?
10+ hours, however we ask that a student bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day.

6. Is there antivirus software included with the Chromebook?
No. All of the data is stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for antivirus software.

7. What are the Chromebook's specifications?
HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE with touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage

8. What does the $300 cost cover?
DAVE$259 covers the Chromebook cost, $25 goes to our management fee, $16 goes toward the upkeep of our system.

9. What if my child already has a Chromebook?
After much research, Longmont Christian staff determined it was best to use a uniform Chromebook model. This way it elimiates variations in students' access to technology.

10. What is a Chromebook?
A laptop that is solely internet-based. No operating system, no downloaded software, no bootup time. This means that students upload and store everything to a cloud-based system. Wherever they have access to the internet, they have access to their work.

11. Why did you choose this model?
The school leadership and staff-based research team chose this model for it's durability, touch screen, memory, and processing power. It was the most efficient, cost-effective model for LCS's needs.

12. Will each student need an email address?
Yes. This provides access for each student to G suite and Google Classroom, which will be used extensively in most classrooms.

+ Chromebook Safety

1. Can Android apps be controlled by the school?
The $25 web managment fee enables Longmont Christian to control what Chromebook and Android apps are available to students through our private app store.

2. Does internet filtering happen outside the school?
Yes. LCS uses a company called Securly for web filtering. Securly is installed on all Chromebook systems so the filters will be active regardless of where the students are.

3. Who will have the password to the student email accounts?
All passwords are assigned by the school. People who know the passwords are the IT department, the teachers, the student, and the parent (upon request).

4. Why did LCS choose Chromebooks?

-  The Chromebook is the most commonly used resource in schools that provides laptops to students.

-  The Chromebook works with G suite for Education, providing seamless workflow between in-class assigments and homework.

- The Chromebook is one of the easiest devices to monitor and manage.

- The Chromebook utilizes a keyboard and a touchscreen - providing the best of both worlds of a laptop and tablet.

- The Chromebook stores everything in real time in the cloud, so there is no risk of losing work.

- The Chromebook is extremely stable and secure, since it doesn't run a typical operating system.

- The Chromebook automatically updates, ensuring that it always has the latest apps and essentially making it 'future-proof'.

5. Will I be able to check my child's internet activity?
Yes. Simply log into Securly, create a parent account, and you will be able to monitor your student's activity outside of school.

6. Will internet access be filtered to ensure a safe online experience?
Yes. LCS uses a company called Securly on all chromebooks. Securly is a web filtering software that will be active both inside and outside of school.

7. Will my child's Chromebook usage be monitored by LCS?
Yes. Through Securly, Longmont Christian will be able to control and monitor what is accessed and available on student's Chromebooks. Inside the school, filtering will be determined by Longmont Christian's school policy.

+ Chromebooks at Home

1. Are students allowed to use Chromebooks at home?
Yes. The Chromebook is parent owned, and will be accessible to the student 24/7/365.

2. As a parent, how can I best support my child with their device?
LCS strongly recommends reviewing the information provided on the Common Sense Media website. The link is here.

3. Can I prevent my child from accessing the internet after certain hours?
Set ground rules for your child, and outline the care and usage of your child's device. Have ongoing discussions with your child about appropriate online use, and when possible align your student's computer in a way the screen is visible while they are doing their work.

4. Can the Chromebook be used anywhere, at any time?
Yes, although some features are wifi dependent.

5. Do the Chromebooks have cellular network capability?

6. How will teachers prevent students from using the device for unrelated activity?
LCS has chosen Securly, a security system designed to have classroom management capability. This allows teachers to turn on and of access, or narrow access to the internet based on their classroom's needs.

7. Will my child be able to access their own personal email account or social networking accounts?
School policy prohibits students from accessing these sites during school hours. After hours, parents have control of their student's access.

8. Will parents receive Chromebook training?
Yes. At the beginning of the year, Longmont Christian staff will hand out Chromebooks. There is a required training for both parents and students.

9. Will students need internet access at home?
Yes. Internet access is necessary for your child to effectively access their G suite and Google Classroom content.

+ Chromebooks in the Classroom

1. How will the Chromebooks be used during the day?
Text goes here.

2. What are 21st Century skills?
Text goes here.

3. What happens if the child forgets to bring their Chromebook to school?
Text goes here.

4. Where do the students charge their Chromebook?
Text goes here.

5. Where is the Chromebook kept when not needed for class?
Text goes here.

6. Where is the students work saved when completed on a Chromebook?
Text goes here.

7. Will students be able to use earbuds or other types of headsets?
Text goes here.

8. Will students have access to the internet at school?
Yes. Access to the internet will be defined by LCS school policy.

9. Will students receive Chromebook training?
Yes. Students receive training the day they receive their Chromebook.

10. Will teachers receive Chromebook training?