+ Are Chromebooks Safe?

Yes they totally are.

+ What is a Chromebook?

A safer laptop!

+ How much will this cost?

Your firstborn.


Are Chromebooks Safe?

Yes! Longmont Christian staff is ensuring that the Chromebooks we make available to students are highly regulated and restricted for learning use. 

  • When students take their Chromebooks home, the same 'always on' Internet filter will protect their use. Our web filtering blocks harmful and inappropriate websites no matter where they are: school, home, work, or travel!
  • All Chromebooks have a current, built in antivirus software. 
  • See our Links page for all of the technical info about Chromebooks

What is a Chromebook?

While Chromebook looks like a laptop, it does not run a typical operating system (i.e. Windows). Chromebooks run with Chrome: a Google-run, online based system which is built for security. While the specs vary between models, the Chromebook is typically light weight with a long battery life.