Middle School Drama

Middle School Drama is open to all Middle School students interested in an introduction to theatre with an emphasis in acting. Students are taught theatre terminology, basic set and prop building, improvisational skills, drama games, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and more. At the end of the semester, Drama students perform a skit or play in front of parents. They use these productions to share the Gospel message as well as entertain.

High School Drama

The goal of this semester-long course is to challenge students to step outside their comfort zones and develop confidence in performance situations.  It is designed for students with little or no theatrical experience and promotes enjoyment and appreciation for all aspects of theatre. First quarter, students will train in a variety of performances/sketches which focus on stage presence, character development, emotional range, ensemble work.  Culminating in a public performance, the second quarter of this class allows students opportunities to engage in every aspect of play-production including auditioning, analyzing and developing three-dimensional characters, and creating costumes and basic sets.

High School Visual Arts Drama:  RANSOMED

Ransomed is open to all students in High School, and is a musical & visual theatre show that graphically portrays the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a modern way. With His love and His life, He paid our ransom so that we could be free! Performed each year in the spring, His people cry out, "LET THE RESCUE BEGIN!"

 Middle school students perform.

Middle school students perform.


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