The Arts at Longmont Christian School are an expression of joy!

The Longmont Christian School Arts Program flows from the belief that the study of art, in all its forms, is a celebration of the wonder of the world around us, a way of exalting God through inspired expression.

We believe the arts are an integral part of learning. Apart from being fun, art enriches the whole individual, teaching higher order thinking: creativity, problem solving, interpretation, analyzation and cooperation, all foundational skills essential for academic and future excellence.

LCS students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in the arts, to explore them in their various forms in a safe, supportive environment. Around the school and community, our student’s participation in the arts enriches its audiences and reinforces Longmont Christian School’s vision of unity.

All Elementary students begin a foundation in general music for in PreK-3 through 5th grades. An active approach to learning is stressed through the Kodaly Method, solfege, the Recorder Karate Program, singing, playing, listening, notation, and movement activities. Each year students participate in a number of concerts. All 4th and 5th grade students take an instrument and participate in our award winning band program.

Elementary students participate in Art weekly. The students use various mediums to learn about aspects of art: line, space, color, foreground, background, etc. Our primary goal is to develop and express the students creativity. A Spring Art Show features a sampling of each student’s work for friends and family to enjoy.

At the Middle School and High School levels, students have opportunities to participate in Art, Band, Choir, and Drama. High School produces 2 plays annually in the fall and spring. Both the LCS Choir and Jazz Band have won numerous awards participating in ACSI competitions and the both take spring trips to such places as Nashville and Disney World to perform.

LCS elementary school students make music.

LCS elementary school students make music.