Graduation Requirements

Graduation from LCS hinges on academic success in our rigorous curriculum, community service hours, and quality character growth. All LCS graduates are college-ready, whether they choose to enroll in a four year university, a two year associates degree, or a trade school. 

Department Credits Required:

  • Language Arts: total credits 4.5 with coursework required in English 9, 10, 11, 12, and Public Speaking.
  • Math: total credits 4, with coursework required in Algebra I and II.
  • Science: total credits 3, with coursework required in Physical Science and Biology.
  • Social Studies: total credits 4, with coursework required in Geography, World History, U.S. History, and Civics.
  • Fine Arts: total credits 1.
  • PE: total credits 1, or two seasons of an LCS team sport.
  • Bible: total credits 4.
  • Electives: total credits 1.
  • Technology: total credits .5.
  • Foreign Language: total credits 2.
  • Community Service: total credits 1.
  • Credits required for graduation totals 26.


About LCS Credits:

LCS uses the traditional “Carnegie Unit” method of awarding credit. One credit signifies
successful completion of a course consisting of a minimum of 120 instructional hours. Students
must have a 60% or better average and sufficient time in attendance in a class to receive credit.

  • Required classes offered at LCS cannot be taken elsewhere (off-campus or online), unless the student failed the class here and is unable to retake the class here.
  • Online and home school credit are not averaged into the GPA, but are considered as
    Pass/Fail credits.
  • Transferred credit and grades from other schools will be added to transcripts according to their value as long as the school’s program is accredited or comparable to that of Longmont Christian’s (verification may be required).
  • Dual Credit Partnership with Colorado Christian University and Longmont Christian School
  • offers the following college-level classes, which if passed with a C or better, give students both high school and college credit through Colorado Christian University:
    • Calculus
    • Physics
    • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Each dual credit class will be one credit with Longmont Christian School per year and college credits determined by Colorado Christian University.
  • Community Service: High School students are required to fulfill 30 hours per year (.25 credit per year for a total of 120 hours or 1 elective credit for all four years) of community service. Most major colleges and universities now require community service when awarding scholarships. Community service projects need to take place in Colorado and need to be approved by the student’s Bible teacher with written verification.
 Students participate in a chemistry experiment with their lab partners.

Students participate in a chemistry experiment with their lab partners.