Welcome to High School Grades 9th - 12th

Class size:

  • Maximum student to teacher ratio 9th through 12th grade classes 23:1


  • High school students may enter the building at 7:15 AM. Class starts at 7:30 AM.


  • All High School students dismiss at 2:30 PM.


  • Longmont Christian's High School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Accreditation through ACSI is recognized nationally and internationally.

  • In the classrooms a variety of publishers are utilized for our high school students including Bob Jones, Saxon, Bittenger, Miller Levine and others. The administration and faculty strive to provide the best academic curriculum to the students of LCS.

  • All high school students participate in a daily Bible class.

  • Freshman through junior students take the PSAT annually. Junior and senior students take the SAT test. Learn more about standardized testing support at LCS.

  • Learn more about academics at LCS.

  • Longmont Christian School offers a wide variety of classes. Browse the high school course catalog:

dUAL-cREDIT enrollment:

Junior and Senior students may take dual credit classes through Colorado Christian University (CCU) or Front Range Community College.  Click here to learn more.


  • All high school students meet together in the cafeteria for a weekly chapel service led by Mr. Stoecker.

Community Service: 

  • High School students are required to fulfill 30 hours per year (.25 credit per year for a total of 120 hours or 1 elective credit for all four years) of community service. Most major colleges and universities now require community service when awarding scholarships. Community service projects need to take place in Colorado and with documentation turned into the Academic Office.

The high school worships during the annual Senior-led chapel.

The high school worships during the annual Senior-led chapel.