International Students at Longmont Christian School

Longmont Christian School (LCS), would like to bridge our cultures by opening opportunities for foreign students to study here with us.

Our International program attracts students from around the world to live in the United States and study at Longmont Christian School (Grades 9th - 12th). We offer I-20 (F1) Visas and home-stay accommodations. The International program is made possible by our strong academic program. LCS has small class sizes which provide individual attention to each student. This intimate learning atmosphere is the hallmark of our school and has allowed us to create a family-like environment that is highly responsive to the needs of our international students. Our International program also contributes to the learning experience of our domestic students, by providing them with exposure to diverse cultures, languages and ideas.

LCS International Students:

  • will be placed at an appropriate grade level and may be slightly older than their peers.

  • Our program is designed for English immersion in the standard classroom.

    • When new students arrive they are given a TOEFL iTP, a mathematics ability test, and a reading ability test. Based on these scores and previous school transcripts they are placed in the appropriate English class.

    • Students begin their first year with a mix of standard and remedial English classes which are reflective of their scores and their educational needs as a new international student.

    • Students who attend our school are in all standard classes by their 2nd year based on their academic progress.    

    • Our goal is to help students learn the English necessary to succeed in standard classes while protecting their GPA.  A students GPA and SAT scores are crucial to college acceptance and our remedial English program is designed to help them achieve college acceptance either in the USA or their home country.

  • will attend school regularly;

  • will be enrolled as a full‐time student

  • must make a concerted effort to make satisfactory academic progress and must be involved in some co‐ curricular activities.

  • If a student is achieving a C average or lower, the host family and Coordinator may require study hours and limit co‐curricular and weekend activities until the grade is improved.

  • will obey the disciplinary rules of LCS and will be respectful of school staff and faculty.

  • must make a concerted effort to improve his or her ability in the English language.

  • make an effort to get involved in our community by attending and participating in school, church, and/or community events.

  • The student should not spend all his or her time with other international students and should seek guidance from host parents and school personnel when choosing friends

  • An international student must make their own arrangements for housing while attending LCS as we are not set up to provide host families.


We accept applications to our International program January to June of each year, for the following school year. Application materials include the student's academic records along with teacher recommendations (with English  translations). Incoming students are evaluated by our in-house placement test, previous exposure to English and a skye=oe interview with our staff. All students must have an English Proficiency Level (iTEP Slate score of 4.0). Students are encouraged to participate in music, art, and sports. Graduating International students typically enroll directly into prestigious private and state colleges.

Please email our administrative offices for more information about the application process.

LCS currently has students from Korea, Croatia, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

LCS currently has students from Korea, Croatia, Thailand, China and Vietnam.