High School Going to Operation Christmas

The high school will be helping at the processing center for Operation Christmas Child on Friday, December 7. 

Thank you to everyone for getting the online waivers completed.  

All of the high school will be going as this is considered a regular school day.  Absences will be treated the same as normal.  

All students should meet in their 1st period classes.  We will load the vans as soon as attendance is complete.  Please do not be late!   We will be dealing with morning traffic and the center this year is in south Denver, so we need to leave as efficiently as we can.  We will leave Denver to return to Longmont at 1:30.     

Things you need to know:

  • Bring a sack lunch - Use the vending machines  and space to store you lunch or snacks on-site.  All food and drinks must remain inside the break area.

  • Dress in Layers - Please wear Closed-Toe shoes you will be comfortable standing in for long periods.   Wear warm, layered, casual clothes as the temperature inside the warehouse can vary

  • Leave headphones and valuables at home.  Headphones are not permitted in the Processing Center and they are not responsible for the damage or loss of personal items left in common areas.  Bags and coolers are subject to be searched. 

  • Basketball players - Be sure to have everything for your game.   You will be going directly from the Processing Center to your game.

Any questions, please email motis@longmontchristian.org