Here is a list outlining the use of technology at LCS.  Keep an eye on this page as we will be updating it over the summer months. 

+ G Suite for Education

1. What is the G Suite for Education?
The G Suite has many features, including an email, calendar, word processor, powerpoint software, and more. Students have access to quizzes, tests, and assignments through Google Classroom. LCS creates and maintains these accounts.

2. What is Google Drive, and why does my student need it?
Google Drive is a virtual hard drive, and everything a student would need for school can be stored on this drive. Students have access to Google Drive anywhere they have access to the internet, so it eliminates the need for thumb drives, memory cards, and most papers. Each student receives unlimited data storage free of charge with their school account.

3. Will each student need an email address?
LCS has been a G Suite school since 2009. Because of this, all high school students already have a Longmont Christian email address assigned to them so they can use the G Suite apps and interact with their teachers. These accounts will be used on their Chromebooks.

+ LCS Web Filtering

1. How will teachers prevent students from using the device for unrelated activity?
LCS has chosen Securly, a security system designed to have classroom management capability. This allows teachers to turn on and off access, or narrow access to the internet based on their classroom's needs.

2. Will my child be able to access their own personal email account or social networking accounts?
School policy prohibits students from accessing these sites during school hours. After hours, parents have control of their student's access.

+ LCS Policies and Procedures

An official LCS handbook on technology policies and procedures will be coming soon.