Memories & Futures are Built Here

An LCS's students day is built on prayer, molded around study, and capped with fellowship. Through prayer, study, and fellowship, LCS students build character that that lasts a lifetime. What else lasts a lifetime? The friendship, memories, and achievements made and reached while attending LCS. 

LCS is a Christian school and classes are taught through the lens of Christian theology, but children from all denominations and traditions are welcome at LCS, helping build a diverse, dynamic, intellectually stimulating, and spiritually enriching environment bolstered by caring teachers and a community of people invested in your child's future.

The faculty members of LCS are experts in their field with a combined experience spanning centuries. LCS teachers know that to most effectively benefit their students they must take a multi-faceted approach to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. At LCS, all things are done with Christ, the shepherd and teacher, at the center.


LCS is a collegiate preparatory school. Literacy instruction begins in preschool, with academically rigorous curriculum continuing through high school, the intensity level of studies increasing each year to prepare students for university studies.

LCS student ACT scores are consistently higher compared to St. Vrain District averages.  Our SAT averages has been 1688.44, with 7.33 out of 12 on the essay. 

ACT scores.png

LCS students have a strong record of continuing on to college and being very successful. LCS graduating classes average approximately 85% continuing on to higher education, with the other 15% entering trade school and apprenticeships. LCS’s graduates include students who have graduated from the US Air Force Academy in the top 10% of their graduating class, as well as National Merit Scholar Semi-finalists. Many have received both partial and full scholarships to continue their higher education.

Extracurricular activities:

LCS offers a myriad of options in extracurricular activities, from athletics, to band, to clubs. Committing to the study of an instrument, the practice of a sport, or volunteer work builds character, patience, and teamwork. LCS students compete at the local and state level in arts competitions and athletic tournaments, helping build memories that last a lifetime.

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Meet some of our alumni.

High school students discuss a passage together in Bible.

High school students discuss a passage together in Bible.